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Erica Michele is an abstract and figurative painter based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She grew up in South Carolina and has lived and traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad while working as a lawyer. Having no formal art education or training, she picked up a paintbrush on an impulse in 2019 to help cope with developing a visual impairment.


Her paintings evoke calming and confident energy and are comprised of spontaneous movements, free-flowing shapes, sporadic lines, deep texture and effortless layers. They also possess undeniable emotions.

When she is not painting, she spends time exploring galleries and museums, practicing yoga/pilates and visiting her family’s farms. Her paintings are intuitively influenced by these activities, along with her love of culture, travel, style and design.

Creating art has become a central part of her healing process. She hopes her paintings inspire others to prioritize health and wellness, appreciate the beauty around them, and embrace their own creativity. She also hopes her art helps others to trust the things they might not be able to see.


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